jada was thus far my proudest endeavor. i was reading a friend-or-something's poetry in the stone pavillion with the ht-700 on standby, where i'd recall this lullaby i made on a whim during a real shitty time. i adapted her words to fit to the lullaby, and the first demo for jada was made. the chiptune melody in the second stretch of the song was swiped from some demo i've longed taped over, as that motif struck as playful but evil to me in a way. jada, whose lyrical content isn't entirely my own, was still the most original composition i've created to completion. i'd listen to it at work and hum it in my head, play it on piano.. i applied the singing melody and the evil melody whereever i could. it defo gave me hopes that i'd have the momentum to make more.

a flower lays in the woods
composed of stars and gold
she bends toward the light
oh jada

through shame she will thrive
she don't feel alive
uprooted and stolen
my jada