for star is the result of me desecrating a demo cover i did of "when i said i wanted to be your dog". you still may notice it uses the same motifs and chord progression as that song! i spun it into a memorial type deal for my cat that had passed (or ran away, something to that effect...) that same month a year prior. i'd seen star's birth, named her (i called her licky when i was five because she was a kissy feller), cared for the litters of her own, etc. she annoyed me a lot of the time but it was sad her that last month- while she'd been known to come back wounded after fighting families of foxes and such, at that point she'd just grown frail and longing. i was flying to los angeles, and i spent my last night in bucksco swearing THAT was the last moment with her and that i'd made my goodbyes clear... only to start back in her resting room emotional and pleading.