HOW TO make a Web site

Process / Problem
My Advice
The Method
Getting a domain Optional step since Neocities can already host your site as "<yourname>," but I like my custom domain personally. I hear a lot of shit spoke about GoDaddy in particular, maybe I've lucked out with my cheap niche domain name, but your mileage will vary so shop around!! its just, i've got mine you know, so... Conveniently for me, Apple iCloud+ lets you make a custom email using a domain of your own- i love having, so, if that makes your mind up at all... E-mail me for help/whatever BTW
Getting online
The yellow brick road for all the New Netizenry... has always exclusively been hosted via Neocities, it is a friend to all, so accessible, FREE, accept no alternative imo. If you're already HTML savvy you could code all your pages from scratch, otherwise... ↓↓↓↓
Constructing your site
Free, open-source internet suite from 2006 with all the tools I need to maintain my Web site. Access the web editor by pressing Ctrl+E (or Cmd+E) and work away. There's some depth to it- familiarize yourself with the Layer tool to move elements around more freely eg. When you're done making a page, copy-paste the <HTML> source code into the respective .html file on your Neocities dashboard-- keep in mind that any images used will also need to be uploaded to your Neocities dashboard, and properly pointed within the code, thusly... (1)
Choosing colors

Accessible color palette generators- gets you some nice colors not too garish or eye-sore-ing
(1) (2)
Gathering GIFs
From the brilliant Internet Archive, GifCities catalogues 4 million +(!) animated GIFs from GeoCities, a webhosting titan of early internet notoriety. Google images also works great
Editing GIFs
thanks Latvia!!! lets you mess with GIFs any which way: crop, optimize, change speed, add effects, make colorful, etc.

I AM A SITE-MAKING NOVICE! don't take anything here as best practice-- even if all you want is a bullshitty sort of space like mine. there are many eggs to cook with and many omelette/sunnysides/general outcomes to heed to, "do your own research!," but also I'm fond of my process so i'll let you in on it...

notably, my site does not consider mobile users really, because fuck them, right, but if you care more about that kind of thing you may need to chart your own course here, or get verry smart here, smarter than ive been, definitely..